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I solemn hate to hear the news that a family loses their loved one to these kinds of diseases, not because I am a health coach, but because I have had personal experience of losing one dear to me, to this preventable monster called CHRONIC DISEASES aka Silent Killer.

Firstly, a disease is a deviation from the normal body state if health. There are two main categories: Communicable and Non Communicable Diseases. Communicable diseases are gotten via contact with the infectious organism, infected host, and vector, via their body fluids, air, food, water, microorganisms, etc. Examples include HIV, Malaria, Lassa Fever, Staplococuss, etc.

My Focus is to enlighten you about Non-Communicable Diseases also known as Chronic Diseases or Silent Killers. These diseases are inbuilt in the affected organism and are not gotten via contact. They develop slowly and have long-lasting effects on affected person health; they include Cardiovascular diseases( High blood pressure, Stroke, Heart failure, etc), Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Arthritis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (Asthma, Bronchitis, etc), Hepatitis, etc.


These chronic diseases remain the main causes of premature death and disability in industrialized countries and in most developing countries, hence a silent epidemic you don't want to ignore. Developing countries like ours are demonstrably increasingly at risk, especially the poorer category of people, this is why I advocate health education at the grassroots level.


The economic growth, industrialization, urbanization, and globalization, have accelerated over the past years. This is having a significant impact on the health and nutritional status of populations by rapidly changing the diet and lifestyle of humans.

The chief risk factors are:

* Inadequate nutrition

* Lack of physical activity

* Insufficient Rest

Others include Tobacco, Alcohol, Age, Sex, Environmental factors, and Genetics.


Many deaths today have resulted from the lingering effects of this chronic diseases, don't say "wetin I gain if I know about NCDs", the information herein will empower you in making healthy dietary and lifestyle changes will aid you in winning over the consequences of these diseases which include:

* Death

* Eye Damage and Blindness

* Body Disability

* Heart, Kidney, Lungs, and Liver Damage

* Anxiety and Depression.

* Poverty and Unhappy living

* Reduced Productivity in life

* Infertility and damage to reproductive organs

* Nervous and Mental Disorders

* Immune System Disorders

* Stunted growth and Digestive disorders, etc


Looking at how all these areas affect our wellbeing, you, and your loved ones need to be equipped on how to win over chronic diseases (WiOCD). Here proven cues on how to win:

* Nutrition: This is the fore as a major determinant of chronic disease occurrence. Get it right in what and how you eat, then you are 80% ahead NCDs.

Make a dedication to consuming healthy food choices like fresh fruit and vegetable, whole grains, plant proteins, fish, water, good sugars,  fats, and fiber foods; and less refined foods with high bad fats, free sugars, and salts.

* Physical activity: This has a great influence on your body composition (amount of fat, muscle, and bone tissue). A 30minutes to 1-hour daily exercise is primal in winning over NCDs

*  Reduce Tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption.

* For coffee lovers, unfiltered coffee raises cholesterol levels, make a dietary change to drinking filtered on at a good interval.

* In a fast-paced world of ours, Stress is part of the process, but be sure to create a routine to unwind and rest adequately.

In Sum, you do not know when you will die! In the less, you mustn't be the one to quicken it occurrence; Stay aware of these silent killers, and apply the wellness cues of a healthy diet, nutrition, and lifestyle changes to win over them and to enjoying total wellbeing. 

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