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Taking a review at how 2018 has dealt with me, I realized that there are certain events that just happen to you in life and leave you maddened. The defense that you might have is the quality of relationships and mindset you have built over time, which at times is not enough. I say this, for I know these moments are frustrating; they leave you questioning the validity of your existence, actions, and sanity; which can leave you broken psychologically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Randy Paush "You can't control the cards you are dealt with, but just how you play the hand", we do not have 100% immunity and can't always control some of these experiences that shake us. But this I have learned, you have the power to decide to Unwind 💃; take a break, have a replay in your thoughts to have a redirection, seek help when and where needed. For like clay in your unwind state, God is faithful to send potters to perfect you and make the coming year