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When you are a good person, you don't lose people. They lose you. - Oleg Vishnelposky. When I saw this post on my LinkedIn, I quickly liked, saved it, and later posted it on my WhatsApp status days later. Upon posting it, I started having misconstrued thoughts, like "what will people think is happening to me, did she lose someone, what is she feeling like, trying to console herself" and this almost made me take down the post. Then again I had a thought redirection, I remember King David, who his wife Micah left because he was playing before God via dancing. Micah thought it was stupid for someone of that regard to dance in public to the extent that he was naked; this made her rebuke and left him because he stood his ground for something of a virtue. You know good people are what the Bible says in Matthew 5: 14-16 ~ Light to the world. You will attract many, but be warned many will walk away from you after trying to rebuke you for they cannot stand the intensity