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Is your workplace supportive of your mental health? and are you making efforts to improve your mental wellbeing? Here are 7 Wellness Cues you and your employer need use respectively to improve your mental well being, and Productivity. ✴️ Your EMPLOYER: 1. Support a healthy work-life balance πŸ’» 2. Promote open communication 3. Encourage growth πŸ‘©‍πŸŽ“▶️πŸ‘©‍πŸ’Ό 4. Establish mentoring among staff πŸ‘©‍🏫↔️πŸ‘¨‍🏫 5. Set up a feedback system to take employee complaintsπŸ‘©‍⚖️ 6. Include mental health into occupational policy πŸ“œ 7. A recovery center or therapist to provide support to mentally drained workers. ✴️ YOU: 1. Get moving, exercise and practice deep breathing πŸƒπŸΎ‍♂️ 2. Be aware of signs of stress in your coworkers 3. Lend a listening ear without judgment. 4. Be ready to offer some options of support ❤️ 5. Talk! and ask for help when needed. 6. Get adequate rest and be an early riser 7. Eat rightly to feed your body, for a nourished body begets a produ


I solemn hate to hear the news that a family loses their loved one to these kinds of diseases, not because I am a health coach, but because I have had personal experience of losing one dear to me, to this preventable monster called CHRONIC DISEASES aka Silent Killer. Firstly, a disease is a deviation from the normal body state if health. There are two main categories: Communicable and Non Communicable Diseases. Communicable diseases are gotten via contact with the infectious organism, infected host, and vector, via their body fluids, air, food, water, microorganisms, etc. Examples include HIV, Malaria, Lassa Fever, Staplococuss, etc. My Focus is to enlighten you about Non-Communicable Diseases also known as Chronic Diseases or Silent   Killers . These diseases are inbuilt in the affected organism and are not gotten via contact. They develop slowly and have long-lasting effects on affected person health; they include Cardiovascular diseases( High blood pressure, Stroke,


Almost everyone knows the importance of good nutrition and a clean environment. However, with so many products out there, you may need to put your mind to actively work to make the right choice for your body, family, home, and garden. NeoLife 60 years of commitment to making the World Healthier and Happier πŸ’― , providing you with: * Our wide range of whole food supplements to meet your body energy, vitality health needs, and helping you avoid the risk of chronic diseases. * Biodegradable, non-caustics home care products to keep your environment clean and safe. * Moisturizing nutriance products that keep your skin aglow, and slowing aging effects. * SUPERGRO~ Neolife Organic Fertilizer that nourishes the soil. and gives you organic Farm produce, which in turn nurtures a healthy you. I know that you and your family need fruits and vegetables every day, and you also know whether you are getting what you need? Are you going to leave things

7 Things To Do This Weekend

1~ Go for a Walk or a Run: This is healthy and will help anneal the bones and cartilages. 2~ Cycling: the adventure of riding on or off-road, is a refueller your muscle and bones need to be strong and healthy. 3~ Volunteer for Community Services: An hour sanitation of your street in a group, will surely lift your spirit of oneness. 4~ Go Dancing: Yes! I recently made this part of my exercise routine and weekend groove, its body, and soul-refreshing. 5~ Go Mountaineering or Hiking: if you reside in a mountainous or hilly area, climbing the mountain is a good way to have pleasure. 6~ For Plant lovers_ Tend your Garden: With the ease of getting indoor bags for growing gardens! you can nurture and enjoy the beautiful green company of life. 7~ Family moments: Spend more time interacting with your kids, wife, husband; play games, cooking competitions, write poems, and be sure to create indelible memories. So, who is ready to join me at doing no 4, this weeke


Two days ago, I went to get a bag of satchet water and as I sat down waiting for my change and water from the seller, I observed he was agitated. Upon collecting both items, I throw in a big smile and asked Oga Viko, as we call him, why you dey vex na? He answered saying, 'na one of my friend dey vex me jor! wetin dey pain me say I go still forgive her', by this, he meant that he is pissed with her but just have to bring himself to forgive her. I asked him, what her offense was? He replied I have known imabong for over 18years, and the only time she calls me is when she needs a favor, and I will agree to help most times because I know if I don't help her, God will surely raise another person to meet the need; so why not do it. I sighed and walked back to my abode while digesting how my day panned out, these insights were opened to me and I thought to share with you: 1. Yes, we are to Treasure people no matter how close or far in strengths they are to you. 2.  Why?


Either as an employer, employee, student, self-employed, or stay at home worker, daily you are in contact with harmful organisms, and toxins that pose a threat to your wellbeing. Detoxification is the cleansing and nourishing the body from the inside out, by removing and eliminating toxins, then feeding your body with healthy nutrients. Our body has a natural detoxification system that functions to clear these toxins, but you can increase its efficiency by timely nutritional and lifestyle changes. These toxins are in your water, food, and the air you breathe; it’s tough trying to get away from them, but you can have a defense against them. They include metals, chemicals, pollutants, artificial food additives, pesticides, and herbicides. SIGNS THAT YOUR BODY IS SCREAMING FOR A DETOX §    You frequently feel tired and stressed. §    You experience unexplained headaches, mental confusion, and lack of enthusiasm. §    You repetitively feel colds and contract infec

DEHYDRATION: Dry Season Effect on your Health

This occurs when the loss of body fluid especially water is higher than the amount taken in. Water is 75% of our weight, the basal solvent, and carrier of minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats, hormones, etc. in our body. We lose water daily via sweat, urine, stools, and the air we breathe out; and are at high risk to lose more during the dry season, especially the little ones. Dehydration can occur at a mild and moderate level, both of which can be stabilized by the intake of fluid; but at a severe level, immediate medical care is needed as it can lead to death. Causes / Risk Factors of Dehydration Diarrhea and vomiting No access to safe drinkable water Heat exposure and excessive exercise High blood sugar / Diabetes. Signs / Symptoms include Increased thirst and Dry Mouth Decreased release and darkened color of urine Headaches and Fatigue Dryness of Skin and Sunken eyes Rapid heartbeat and mental distortion. Constipation and Muscle cramps Wellness Cues