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So today, i will be sharing with you my review from John C. Maxwell book on leadership development  Book Title - How Successful People Lead Author - John. C. Maxwell  The Author began by stating the importance of leadership in achieving personal and organisation success in life. Leadership is about dealing with people and their dynamic nature and the goal of it is to create change and facilitate growth. To achieve this goal, you must grow and lead through five different levels. Level 1: POSITION People follow you because of your positional appointment. A major downside of this level is that it places rights over responsibilities; Its a good place to start but not to occupy. Level 2: PERMISSION At this level, people follow you because the like and trust you. You begin to gain influence because you value and have relationship with your followers. The downside of this leadership level is that you cab be taken advantage of! because of your openness. Level 3: PRODUCTIO


Every great leaders goes through tough seasons, where they encounter huge losses personally, physically and mental defeat. I personally has being in this phase of late, sometimes I want to beat myself and cry the hell out of my eyes for not seeing the pointers earlier and to  taking corrective steps. I may still be in the season of my storms but its no excuse not to succeed; am not planning to give up! as I am being powered daily by my God Given Vision, Hero's who have gone ahead of me & You all Impacting into Humanity daily. I am also using this to encourage others out there that are about quitting on their dreams, its too Late! Don't give in! Let's win this war together ...BECOMING YOU! YES YOU... Yours in Progress, Hosanna Oyibo