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Your liver is a crucial organ, as it is the body's largest internal organ in your body, with over 300 responsibilities in maintaining your health. Its primary function is to absorb and distribute nutrients around the body, breakdown of toxic substances, and fuel your body's energy. When you are overweight, and tending to be obese, you are at high risk of developing fatty liver disease, which in turn exposes you to other chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, liver cancer, liver cirrhosis, liver failure hepatitis. The social stigmatization that comes with this is emotionally, financially, and mentally draining. My message to you this morning is to take good care of your liver: 1. Maintain your body mass index. 2. Avoid late eating 3. Frequently have a body cleansing(detox) 4. Stop heavy alcohol drinking. 5. Reduce the intake of soft drinks, red meat, refined sugar, and processed foods. 6. Limit intake of high cholesterol and saturated fats foods.


If you were born in Nigeria like me, at a point in your childhood, you would have sung the song! agbalumo sweet o! Sweet o sweet o! If you haven't, now is the time. Cherry, the African star apple also know as agbalumo, udara in yoruba, and Igbo dialect respectively. It is both delicious and nutrient-packed fruit offered to us by nature. Here are some of its fantastic health benefits. 1. Rich in vitamin C: Cherry contains high Vitamin C content, an important vitamin need to maintain your body optimal function. A 100g of the fruit gives about 25mg of vitamin C. 2. Bone & Cartilage Health: From the prevention of mouth gum disease to the tackling of toothache as well as sore throat, vitamin C prevents scurvy and arthritis. 3. Anticancer Agent and Immune Booster: a readily available source of anti-oxidants, which help strengthen the immune system and prevent the damages caused by free radicals that can lead to cancer. 4. Good for expecting mothers: The acidic taste


Over last weekend, while uploading contents to my social media handles, a valuable lesson was gained from trying to upload to my blog. I had successfully published the post and shared the link to my social media handles when I realized the image quality was poor. I was disturbed and went back to re-upload the images. For over an hour and a half, the same quality of images was given even after refreshing the web page repeatedly, switching networks, and sitting positions. I finally succumbed to the thought of leaving the image like that, I had logged out of blogger and as I stood up to go about other activities I felt disappointed with myself. The inner me said why would you settle for that, will you or your audience enjoy content with such image quality? I sat back and decided to log in again and delete and upload the images again! And boom, I had my eureka moment; image resolution was perfectly loaded. I sighed in joy and in retrospective, I understood that t


In marking the World Cancer Day #february4 ✴️ Cancer is a disease of global spread, it affects all socioeconomic groups and according to WHO, 70% of all cancer-related deaths occur in low and middle-income countries. ✴️ Generally speaking, cancer can affect anyone the young and old, the rich and poor, men, women, and children. ❇️ I trust you no longer have the mindset that Cancer is a disease of the rich does not affect the poor. It has been assumed that some set of diseases are for the elites while some are for the lower class. ⛑  The main constant in cancers is their alteration of DNA. The cells are by definition abnormal. The commonality is that on top of being abnormal they are also able to be masked from the immune system's ability to kill them off. 🆘 Early detection of cancer greatly increases the chances of successful treatment. Most people don't have a real concept of cancer as a set of diseases that can be diagnosed and treated, some assume it is a death