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Taking a review at how 2018 has dealt with me, I realized that there are certain events that just happen to you in life and leave you maddened. The defense that you might have is the quality of relationships and mindset you have built over time, which at times is not enough. I say this, for I know these moments are frustrating; they leave you questioning the validity of your existence, actions, and sanity; which can leave you broken psychologically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Randy Paush "You can't control the cards you are dealt with, but just how you play the hand", we do not have 100% immunity and can't always control some of these experiences that shake us. But this I have learned, you have the power to decide to Unwind 💃; take a break, have a replay in your thoughts to have a redirection, seek help when and where needed. For like clay in your unwind state, God is faithful to send potters to perfect you and make the coming year


When you are a good person, you don't lose people. They lose you. - Oleg Vishnelposky. When I saw this post on my LinkedIn, I quickly liked, saved it, and later posted it on my WhatsApp status days later. Upon posting it, I started having misconstrued thoughts, like "what will people think is happening to me, did she lose someone, what is she feeling like, trying to console herself" and this almost made me take down the post. Then again I had a thought redirection, I remember King David, who his wife Micah left because he was playing before God via dancing. Micah thought it was stupid for someone of that regard to dance in public to the extent that he was naked; this made her rebuke and left him because he stood his ground for something of a virtue. You know good people are what the Bible says in Matthew 5: 14-16 ~ Light to the world. You will attract many, but be warned many will walk away from you after trying to rebuke you for they cannot stand the intensity


As we close up on October - breast cancer awareness month, the most common cancer in women of all races, with over a hundred thousand cases diagnosed per year in Nigeria. We ain't stopping the campaign! , but to go on reminding you of how to take proactive measures to win and maintain a healthy breast. Be reminded of: 1. The risk factors:  ~ Females are more at risk but be informed that breast cancer can also be found in men ~ Your family history and age ~ Lack of physical activity and obesity ~ Women who smoke and drink immoderately ~ Frequent exposure to radiation from radiotherapeutic treatments 2. Signs and symptoms to watch out for: ~ A change in the shape and size of the breast ~ Growth of mass called lumps from the breast tissue ~ Inversion of the #nipples ~ Pigmentation and scarring of the breast skin ~ Discharge of blood or mucosal fluids from the nipples. 🎉 The good news is ~  breast cancer survival rates are rising as screening methods and treatmen

THE 10X RULE - Grant Cardone

Hi guys, I have been on diet with this book: The 10X Rule , authored by Grant Cardone, an entrepreneur, and sales motivation coach; and want to share the value I got with you. The book is a must-read if you seek to achieve success in your personal life and business. It comprises 23 Chapters built around a discipline called the "10X Rule; which is about pure domination mentality. You never do what others do, you must be willing to take actions and do what you or others might deem unreasonable. Here are the action points that I got: ~ Things change ; nothing remains as it was, for things to be maintained, they require attention and action. Thus to be an extremely successful person you must know that your efforts must continue in order for them to realize new achievements. ~ In life or business, many people make mistakes of underestimating the time, energy, and effort required to achieving their set goals. If you commit this mistake, you will have quit in your mind, voic


I am a fan of anything vegetables, and as a deltan our delicacies are owo, banga, draw pepper soup. Moving to a new city, I had to eat out for some time; on a faithful day I overheard a fellow cafeteria requesting for afang and eba, so I decided to order the same. Today, I am so falling in love with the soup and prepared my own homemade Afang soup with the help of my friend from cross river state. This delicious soup is called "Afang soup" by the Efiks and Ibibios; and  "Okazi soup" by the Igbos. What are the Required Ingredients: > Afang Leaves ( it sold cups, 3 -4 cups is fine) > Waterleaf ( sold 100 per fold, N300 will suffice) > Stockfish > Crayfish > Meat > Fresh Pomo > Smoked Fish > Salt and seasonings >Fresh pepper > Periwinkles ( I bought the shelled one to have that suckling experience) > Dried prawns ( if you can get the fresh ones, that would be great) > Palm oil Primers to making the Soup: >


So today, i will be sharing with you my review from John C. Maxwell book on leadership development  Book Title - How Successful People Lead Author - John. C. Maxwell  The Author began by stating the importance of leadership in achieving personal and organisation success in life. Leadership is about dealing with people and their dynamic nature and the goal of it is to create change and facilitate growth. To achieve this goal, you must grow and lead through five different levels. Level 1: POSITION People follow you because of your positional appointment. A major downside of this level is that it places rights over responsibilities; Its a good place to start but not to occupy. Level 2: PERMISSION At this level, people follow you because the like and trust you. You begin to gain influence because you value and have relationship with your followers. The downside of this leadership level is that you cab be taken advantage of! because of your openness. Level 3: PRODUCTIO


Every great leaders goes through tough seasons, where they encounter huge losses personally, physically and mental defeat. I personally has being in this phase of late, sometimes I want to beat myself and cry the hell out of my eyes for not seeing the pointers earlier and to  taking corrective steps. I may still be in the season of my storms but its no excuse not to succeed; am not planning to give up! as I am being powered daily by my God Given Vision, Hero's who have gone ahead of me & You all Impacting into Humanity daily. I am also using this to encourage others out there that are about quitting on their dreams, its too Late! Don't give in! Let's win this war together ...BECOMING YOU! YES YOU... Yours in Progress, Hosanna Oyibo


#ReadingThursday I am sharing with you a summary of a book I read. How Successful People Think  by John C. Maxwell This book is about personal development: how you can change your life by changing the way you think, it has 11 chapters, and here are crucial points I got. Cultivate Big Picture Thinking : It helps you see the big picture of things, enables you to handle emotions & propels your mental momentum. Engage in Focus Thinking:  Those who develop the process of good thinking can rule themselves, because they will be able to know "why" they take on an idea & get the best out of it. Harness Creative Thinking : Creativity is seeing what everybody else has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought so that you can do what nobody else has done. Employ Realistic Thinking: I wish I had known this earlier in my life: disappointment is the difference between expectations and reality, but realistic thinking help you minimize the difference between the two. U
PHYSICAL EXERCISE If we take a look back at a couple of generations ago, most of our great-grandparents were naturally active, working hard physically to accomplish their daily chores. Today, we have escalators, microwaves and remote controls, some people drive around a parking lot for 10 minutes just to get a parking space closer to the door, others wait minutes for an elevator just to go to the first floor and we can fulfill most of our needs literally at the push of a button. This radical change from a vigorous to an inactive lifestyle has taken place; and genetically speaking, in a very short time frame, the human body can’t adapt to such a major change without dire consequences. Our relative inactivity has resulted in an overweight and obese society and an entire host of other functional disorders from blood-sugar problems and over fat bodies, to fatigue and low-back pain and other diseases. Hence, the improving of our fitness and health is associated with physical activity.
LIFE Mission: Find a Balance  In social sciences, we were made to understand that man needs are insatiable. True as it may be, it doesn't stop us from not utilizing the gift of life and our daily going forth in search for ways to filling these needs! Year 2018 have started in its majestic regalia, you might have take time out to write out your yearly goals & dreams, taking action steps towards it everyday and prioritizing your immediate wants & needs........good! good! good. I have learnt that: _ Man life is based on Beliefs upon which he builds his faith; and that our Needs lays the bedrock on which our Beliefs are built. _ Despite been aware of the truth that all men will someday pass on to the great beyond and be free of this cycle, many still live a carefree life in the present! with a vain sense of relief and reassurance that pleasures of now and tempting joys from imagination of the future will bring them to satisfying all their desires and ne