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THE 10X RULE - Grant Cardone

Hi guys, I have been on diet with this book: The 10X Rule, authored by Grant Cardone, an entrepreneur, and sales motivation coach; and want to share the value I got with you.

The book is a must-read if you seek to achieve success in your personal life and business. It comprises 23 Chapters built around a discipline called the "10X Rule; which is about pure domination mentality.
You never do what others do, you must be willing to take actions and do what you or others might deem unreasonable.

Here are the action points that I got:

~ Things change; nothing remains as it was, for things to be maintained, they require attention and action. Thus to be an extremely successful person you must know that your efforts must continue in order for them to realize new achievements.

~ In life or business, many people make mistakes of underestimating the time, energy, and effort required to achieving their set goals.
If you commit this mistake, you will have quit in your mind, voice, posture, face, and presentation. You won’t be able to develop the tenacity needed to get your mission accomplished.

~ Success is your important and your duty to attain: it provides confidence, security, a sense of comfort, the ability to contribute at a greater level, give hope and leadership.
Without it, you, your group, company, goals, and dreams; and even the entire civilization would cease to survive and thrive.

~ Say no to the blame game: Anyone who uses blame as the reason why something happened or did not happen will never accumulate real success in life and only further his or her status as a slave on this planet.  
Whatever is going on in your world, either good, bad, or nothing is something caused by you.
Hence, don't give control over to another for your success or lack of it; if you do, you will never be in control of your life.

~ Rid yourself of every concept of average:  Average thinking and actions will only guarantee you misery, uncertainty, and failure. 
The remedy is to study what average people do and prohibit yourself and your team from considering average as an option. Surround yourself with exceptional thinkers and doers. Let your friends, family, work, and business associates know that you treat an average like a terminal disease. 

~ Be a Forward-thinker
They don’t compete or copy what others have done, they create.
Never make it your goal to compete, rather do everything you to dominate your sector in order to avoid spending your time chasing someone else. Don’t let another person or company set the pace; make this your task.

~ Stand tall, don't fall for their criticism: When you start taking enough action, it won’t be long before you’re judged by people who aren’t taking any. 
If you’re generating substantial success, people will start to pay attention to you. Some will admire you, some will want to learn from you, but unfortunately, most will envy you.
The higher your purpose, the more fuel it will provide for your 10X actions to grow and sustain your success. 

In conclusion, the 10X rule has no restrictions, irrespective of your work, business; when you think differently, embrace a diehard level of commitment, and take massive amounts of action at 10 times the levels you think necessary.

I am hankering for you to apply The 1OX Rule to your activities; I look forward to celebrating your extraordinary results for there is no shortage of success.

Yours in Progress,
Hosanna Oyibo


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