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As we close up on October - breast cancer awareness month, the most common cancer in women of all races, with over a hundred thousand cases diagnosed per year in Nigeria. We ain't stopping the campaign! , but to go on reminding you of how to take proactive measures to win and maintain a healthy breast. Be reminded of: 1. The risk factors:  ~ Females are more at risk but be informed that breast cancer can also be found in men ~ Your family history and age ~ Lack of physical activity and obesity ~ Women who smoke and drink immoderately ~ Frequent exposure to radiation from radiotherapeutic treatments 2. Signs and symptoms to watch out for: ~ A change in the shape and size of the breast ~ Growth of mass called lumps from the breast tissue ~ Inversion of the #nipples ~ Pigmentation and scarring of the breast skin ~ Discharge of blood or mucosal fluids from the nipples. 🎉 The good news is ~  breast cancer survival rates are rising as screening methods and treatmen

THE 10X RULE - Grant Cardone

Hi guys, I have been on diet with this book: The 10X Rule , authored by Grant Cardone, an entrepreneur, and sales motivation coach; and want to share the value I got with you. The book is a must-read if you seek to achieve success in your personal life and business. It comprises 23 Chapters built around a discipline called the "10X Rule; which is about pure domination mentality. You never do what others do, you must be willing to take actions and do what you or others might deem unreasonable. Here are the action points that I got: ~ Things change ; nothing remains as it was, for things to be maintained, they require attention and action. Thus to be an extremely successful person you must know that your efforts must continue in order for them to realize new achievements. ~ In life or business, many people make mistakes of underestimating the time, energy, and effort required to achieving their set goals. If you commit this mistake, you will have quit in your mind, voic


I am a fan of anything vegetables, and as a deltan our delicacies are owo, banga, draw pepper soup. Moving to a new city, I had to eat out for some time; on a faithful day I overheard a fellow cafeteria requesting for afang and eba, so I decided to order the same. Today, I am so falling in love with the soup and prepared my own homemade Afang soup with the help of my friend from cross river state. This delicious soup is called "Afang soup" by the Efiks and Ibibios; and  "Okazi soup" by the Igbos. What are the Required Ingredients: > Afang Leaves ( it sold cups, 3 -4 cups is fine) > Waterleaf ( sold 100 per fold, N300 will suffice) > Stockfish > Crayfish > Meat > Fresh Pomo > Smoked Fish > Salt and seasonings >Fresh pepper > Periwinkles ( I bought the shelled one to have that suckling experience) > Dried prawns ( if you can get the fresh ones, that would be great) > Palm oil Primers to making the Soup: >