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PHYSICAL EXERCISE If we take a look back at a couple of generations ago, most of our great-grandparents were naturally active, working hard physically to accomplish their daily chores. Today, we have escalators, microwaves and remote controls, some people drive around a parking lot for 10 minutes just to get a parking space closer to the door, others wait minutes for an elevator just to go to the first floor and we can fulfill most of our needs literally at the push of a button. This radical change from a vigorous to an inactive lifestyle has taken place; and genetically speaking, in a very short time frame, the human body can’t adapt to such a major change without dire consequences. Our relative inactivity has resulted in an overweight and obese society and an entire host of other functional disorders from blood-sugar problems and over fat bodies, to fatigue and low-back pain and other diseases. Hence, the improving of our fitness and health is associated with physical activity.