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Don't Say! “Why Were The Old Days Better Than These?

This is for somebody, who might be going through the troubled waters of life, and you are tempted to add more pressure to their pain by going through the lonesome cycle of your past to console yourself.

- Be it your glorious works and awards! Now you need help with relevance.

- When you can eat a healthy three-square meal! Now is brunch only (0 -1 - 0)

-- You pay your children's school fees in advance! Now you are at the mercy of the proprietor.

- Take your partner on a love treat! Now you are on the brink of a divorce.

- Had figure 8 💃 body, now struggling with Obese body🤦‍♀

- When you can walk into any atm and swipe! Now you wait for church welfare.

- Your monthly business turnover was in 7- figures; now you are at the mercy of bank loans.

- You could give out freely, even before you are asked! Now you hide your face.

- Good times you had with your ex-partner! Now you are emotionally broken.

- Afford the car of your choice; now you enter standing! Or trek!

- Pay your rent in advance! But now you are a squatter.

✍ No matter how you want to wish to take yourself back to those times! It is NOT WISE!

Healthy minds know that careful thoughts, words, and actions can build and heal the past loss, whether by carelessness, wrong partners, sickness, bad decisions, ignorance, etc ...

👌No matter your past falls! What you need to be Whole is to Look Forward!

✴️ See beyond these breaking points!
✴️ Learn from the disconnections!
✴️ Be grateful and maximize the little resources left.
✴️ Connect to the right friends, mentors, and partners.
✴️ Feed your body rightly and
✴️ See, Do, & Be the " ADVANCE VERSION OF YOU."

All these begin with You! Yes, You! - You are Enough! You are a Masterpiece! Reinvent you, and look forward! For the "Future is Bright 😎"

Hosanna Oyibo
I nurture and elevate your Well-being.

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