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Ever wondered why you are advised to drink fluids to keep the body functional and hydrated? Have you ever wondered if the saving tip for people with diarrhea or vomiting is to drink more fluids? Have you ever asked why your nutritionist says to take fresh fruit juices rather than additives-packed juice? Ever wondered why persons who have high sweating rates are advised to drink adequate fluids? If you have ever asked or never wondered why? I got great news for you; In today's Tuesday tips, I will share with you what body electrolytes are? And why you must stay full of it. WHAT ARE BODY ELECTROLYTES? Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals and compounds that help your body do much of its work. We get them from what we eat and drink, including sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, etc. Their balance in the body is controlled mainly by hormones manufactured in the kidney and the adrenal glands. WHY STAY FULL OF BODY ELECTROLYTES 1. The
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Don't Say! “Why Were The Old Days Better Than These?

This is for somebody, who might be going through the troubled waters of life, and you are tempted to add more pressure to their pain by going through the lonesome cycle of your past to console yourself. - Be it your glorious works and awards! Now you need help with relevance. - When you can eat a healthy three-square meal! Now is brunch only (0 -1 - 0) -- You pay your children's school fees in advance! Now you are at the mercy of the proprietor. - Take your partner on a love treat! Now you are on the brink of a divorce. - Had figure 8 💃 body, now struggling with Obese body🤦‍♀ - When you can walk into any atm and swipe! Now you wait for church welfare. - Your monthly business turnover was in 7- figures; now you are at the mercy of bank loans. - You could give out freely, even before you are asked! Now you hide your face. - Good times you had with your ex-partner! Now you are emotionally broken. - Afford the car of your choice; now you enter standing! Or trek!


This morning, I posted a picture on my WhatsApp timeline of me craving noodles and eggs, which had locust beans as an escort😜. Surprisingly, I had some people asking how strange it would be to consume such a? I giggled and replied a few, saying that I could add locust beans to most of my meals. WHY? read along! ABOUT THIS NATURAL FOOD SEASONING The African Locust bean is a plant nutrient with a black tasty intense-scent seasoning called "Iru" in the Yoruba language, "ogili" in the Igbo language, and when boiled and fermented, is known as "DawaDawa" in the Hausa language. It is rich in lipids, calcium, carbohydrates, and a good source of protein, as it belongs to the legume plant family and is consumed either in its mashed or free form. Here are its health benefits: 1. It's rich in antioxidants that boost your body's immune system and digestion. 2. It contains lipids that eliminate bad fats and improve your heart hea


The temptation to not share my authentic self slides through sometimes as some audience think it's too much to be, but again I remind myself that my life is a tool for elevating people's well-being. The experiences, revelations, and knowledge I gain daily aren't meant to be kept in my mind alone; I am to share with you! and the world for "we are made in part to impart into one other." Here are tips to help you do and be impactful : 1. Understand yourself, or you need to catch up on your life purpose! 2. You don't have to be perfect to impact another positively; we are all clay pots in a furnace. 3. Discover the set of people your life walk can illuminate their path and be a light. 4. Criticism will come, but be sure of whom, what, and why you are doing this; you can't be understood or loved by all. 5. Know when to Selfeed and feed others; the great book says to love your neighbor as yourself. 6. Plug into a support system and never stop


Months ago, I bore on to be trained by a successful senior colleague. As an oldie, I sometimes am tempted to skip training by telling myself that I know and have done these things before. After a month, I realized newbies were delivering results I had yet to have. I mustered courage and went to meet my trainer! to access me. IToas confident he would give me the needed spanking and motivational alignment, but lo😭, he said_ hosanna be more disciplined. It took me weeks to readjust, humble myself, and start doing what was needed to cause a shift in my mental attitude; the results I got were changing for the better. I am excited to share these transformational life cues with you today : 1. Be OPEN! Be CURIOUS:  You have to become like a child in any learning sphere. Learn to watch, talk less & do more than average. 2. HUMILITY: This will take you to places and help you learn from nobody and everybody to be Somebody. 3. DISCIPLINE: without this, no man can be truly su


Are you aware Cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death in the world today❓ These chronic diseases have no respect for your age, background nor religion? ✳️ Research has shown that excess level of bad fats and cholesterol are built from our high consumption of refined sugar, processed foods, and heavy fatty foods, which in turn leads to an increased level of "Low Densed Lipoprotein LDL (Bad cholesterol carriers) who are linked to being the cause of an increased risk of high blood pressure, stroke, hypertension, heart attack, heart failure, and other cardiovascular diseases. Here are 5 foods that will improve your heart health: 1. WHOLE GRAINS + LEGUMES 🌽 They include beans, oats, Soybeans, millets, corn, peas, black/brown rice, sorghum, lentils, etc. Whole grains keep all parts of the grain intact, which provides you with more vitamins, minerals, plant compounds, and fiber than refined grains, while legumes are rich in fiber, minerals, and protein. In replaci


Having good self-esteem and confidence will help you thrive in these fast-paced times. This asset: Confidence can be built at any time in your life; in the beginning, you become better. Here are some tips to help you boost your confidence level: 1. EXERCISE - You see, this action is power in motion. When exercising, there is the ease of blood circulation, the flexibility of your bones, and the release of hormones which improve your mood and energy levels to take vital actions. 2. MAKE MISTAKES - As humans, we have been blessed with the Gift of the MIND, with which you can learn and unlearn anything. If trying out a new job, skill, business opportunity, or speaking engagement, don't be afraid; but be sure to prepare at your best. No matter how bad or good the outcome may be, there is something you will look back to mend, and this will help you in future engagements. Learn to trust the baby steps, and don't be afraid of falling, for you rise to stand firm in falling